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All services at home are carried out in compliance with the barrier gestures, wearing mask and using hydroalcoholic gel.

Diagnostic-conseil LES CHOSES EN ORDRE, Coach en Organisation


Do you want to do it on your own but don’t know how to ?

I come to your home to establish an inventory of the problems to be solved and give you my tips and advice in order to carry out the reorganization of your space, your papers or your daily life.  


Approximate duration of visit 1:30

You can also receive by email a detailed action plan for each room, step by step 

with personalized tips and tricks, equipment advice, recycling channels and so on.

75 €


Do you live outside Nantes and suburbs or prefer remote meetings ?

Online coaching sessions will allow you to progress in complete autonomy

(by email, videoconference or byphone, according to your preferences).

During the first session, you tell me about your problem, based on photos or videos;

then I make a diagnosis and together we shape an action plan to complete your reorganization.


During the following interviews, I will guide you through your advancement

or we will tackle other organizational projects, according to your needs.

1 session €40

3 sessions €90

5 sessions €140

Duration of first session 0:45, following sessions 0:30 

Coaching en ligne LES CHOSES EN ORDRE, Home & Office Organiser
Atelier-découverte LES CHOSES EN ORDRE, Coach en organisation


Would you like to learn in a fun way with friends or colleagues?

We organize a workshop at your home during which I will share with you my tips and tricks on the theme of your

choice, taking for example one of your problems if you wish.


Each participant will be given method sheets concerning the subject(s) referred.

€25/ participant

Approximate duration 2:00, 5 participants at least

Accompagnement LES CHOSES EN ORDRE, Home & Office Organiser



Do you feel that doing it alone will be too complicated ?

I come to your home to make a statement of the situation and estimate the time needed for your support.


You will then receive by email a detailed quote and, if you agree with it, we schedule

appointments by day (s) or half-day (s) to start your transition together.


The advice provided throughout the session ill allow you to continue and maintain your new organization.

€50 / hour 

Packages per day or half-day on quotation



You can’t stand the mess at home, you’re swamped with paperwork or you struggle to combine your pro and personal lives ?

I propose that we work together during 3 months : I will be there to guide, motivate and support you.

1st month
Together we make the inventory of your situation, at home or online* and I send you a detailed action plan.


2nd month
We meet 3 times online** to guide you and track your progress.


3rd month
We will meet again 3 times online** to adjust and confirm your organization.


  275 €


* 0:45 session / ** 0:30 sessions



Think about the gift card

Why not offering a new experience ?

A gift to organize Mom’s dressing room, tidy up Dad’s files, declutter Grandma’s closets or Grandpa’s workbench... Give or receive a custom-made gift !

The gift card will be sent to you by mail - or by e-mail if you run out of time.

Date(s) and nature of the service to be agreed with the recipient.

Services at home are available in and around the city of Nantes only.

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