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Why sould I call on a professional organiser ?

A professional trained as a Home and Office Organiser :

- provides you a discerning eye, without which it would not be possible to take the step back necessary to set up an organisation adapted to your needs ;

- bring you a method adapted to your operating mode, without which you run the risk of creating more mess than you eliminate ;

- inspires you the essential motivation, without which you may leave everything half done ;

- assures you a long-term follow-up, without which you risk being invaded again by clutter ;

- guarantees you neutrality and lack of judgment, without which you cannot abandon any feeling of guilt.


Who can use your services ?

Individuals : at home, active or retired, single, couples with or without children... who need to reorganize their living spaces and/or review their daily organisation.

But also professionals : artisans, freelancers, teleworkers or companies... who wish to optimize their spaces and/or working methods.


Why should I choose LES CHOSES EN ORDRE ?

Home & Office Organiser + Manager, I support you in the optimization of your living and office spaces, but also of your daily life in order to best articulate your different lives.

I was trained as Home and Office Manager by the leading French network of organisation experts.

I am member of the FFPO, Francophone Federation of Organization Professionals, with which I signed a code of ethics.

During my twenty years spent in the service sector, I had the opportunity to reorganize a good number of offices. Former Quality Health Safety and Environment Manager, I am trained to the prevention of Musculo-Skeletal Disorders as well as that of Psycho-Social Risks.

Concerned about the preservation of the environment, I put the focus on circular economy : reuse, recirculation and recycling of the objects leaving your home. I can also share with you my expertise on issues of minimalism, reasoned consumption and zero waste.


How can I be sure that this will work for me ?

I can assure you that your approach will always be more conclusive with the help of a professional.

The advice and action plans transmitted by LES CHOSES EN ORDRE are personalized and therefore adapted to your situation, taking into account your means and constraints.

You will receive method sheets and a follow-up is ensured in order to ensure the sustainability of the reorganisation implemented. I remain reachable at any time to answer your subsidiary questions or small omissions on what has been said.

Of course, your motivation and commitment in the process are essential. I am here to help you take the necessary step back and adopt new habits, so you will have in hand all the assets necessary for the success of your transition !


How does a session work ?

During a counselling session, you explain your problems and I give you my advice, tips and tricks during the visit of your home or office. I take notes and photos which will remain for confidential use and will allow me to draft a possible action plan, or to answer your subsequent questions.

During a support session, we work with four hands. We define a place in which will be stored the objects to be evacuated, by destination. Then we sort by zones, reusing as much as possible what you already have to reorganise your things after decluttering.

I specify that the progress during a support mission, or after a counselling session or online coaching, will depend on your attachment to things and on your ability to let go and make decisions, as I will not take them in your place. I'm not there to rush you, but to gently help you reorganizing yourself in complete serenity !


Do I have to be there all the time ?

Yes ! The work during a support session is done with four hands (or more) : I need to learn your habits, your operating mode, your needs to know what is useful to you, what you can and want to get rid of, but also to set up the organisation that will work for you, in a sustainable way.


Who will get rid of the things I don't want anymore ?

It is preferable that the things leaving your home are carried up by yourself, in order to complete your decluttering process. This allows you to be aware of the volume eliminated, to assume your approach until the end, by reintegrating your things into the consumer circuit or by ensuring that they are recycled, and thus start on better consumption habits.

In the event of physical impossibility, this service may be provided by LES CHOSES EN ORDRE and invoiced according to the volume.


What if I don't want to get rid of things but just organize them ?

Know that organised clutter is still clutter ! Without prior decluttering and without questioning your consumption habits, the overflow of items will recreate clutter.

However, if you don't have any space problem, we can stick to categorize and organize your possessions in the way that best suits your day-to-day operation.


Can I change the formula along the way ?

It is quite possible to begin with a counselling session and, if you do not feel able to launch your reorganisation alone with the support of a personalized action plan, we can then consider a support session after the establishment of an estimate. All formulas are combinable and modular.

FAQ 10

What are the guarantees in case of a dispute ?

LES CHOSES EN ORDRE took out a professional multi-risk insurance and commits to respect, in its professional practice, the principles of the FFPO code ethics (available até).

However, if a dispute should arise, LES CHOSES EN ORDRE is affiliated to a collective mediation contract with the FFPO.

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