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LES CHOSES EN ORDRE Home & Office Organiser

I'm Olivia, Home & Office Organiser and Manager

Houses have never been so full and people as overwhelmed as they are today, not knowing where to turn between their professional and family obligations.

I experienced the same whirlwind during my professional career and to cope with it, I decluttered all of my house and reviewed my daily organization in order to optimize my time. Finally I could live more serenely.

Trained with experts of the organization after a 20-year experience in offices, today I'm sharing my experience with individuals and professionals who do not have enough time or perspective to implement the right methods.


The goal is to get organized once and for all in order to reduce the mental load, regain one's serenity and essentials.

Code déontologique de la Fédération Francophone des Professionnels de l'Organisation

I am a junior member of the FFPO Francophone Association of Professional Organizers ( which requires the signature of an ethical charter, involving a commitment of confidentiality and lack of judgment regarding our customers. Working with a Home & Office Organizer member of this association promises a high quality service !

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Retrouver son essentiel avec LES CHOSES EN ORDRE, Interview avec Luc Faucher de MINIMALEE sur YouTube
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Contact me to make an appointment or for any questions :

06 03 19 14 25

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