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Home & Office Organizer and Manager

Living/Office spaces and everyday life


Lack of space, family or work change, house moving, sale, legacy, transfer into retirement home...


Messy or non-functional offices, digital/paper files disorganized or untraceable, forgotten and costly due dates...

Do you feel overwhelmed by stuff or papers ?


Don't you make it in your everyday life anymore ?

I'm here to help you, confidentially and without any judgment.



LES CHOSES EN ORDRE, Organisation de l'habitat

We sort your stuff, review the layout and tidy in order to optimize your home: a closet, a room, the whole house.

The Home Organizer advises and supports individuals in sorting and decluttering objects, but also in optimizing living spaces by reviewing their layout and the organization of storage, which allows to find well-being and serenity.

Hiring a home organization professional helps to :

  • Better health by reducing allergies, decision-making burden, handling and visual pollution related to too many objects.

  • Saving time on a daily basis, by reducing the heaviness of household chores, the time spent looking for things, putting them away and maintaining them.

  • Substantial savings, thanks to the reduction of waste and storage costs.



LES CHOSES EN ORDRE, Organisation du bureau et des papiers

We sort your papers, arrange and store so as to optimize space and regain control of your paperwork.

The Office Organizer advises and supports professionals in sorting, filing, reorganizing physical and digital documents but also in optimizing office space, which improves quality of life at work and efficiency.

Calling on a business organization professional helps to :

  • Prevent Psycho-Social Risks by relieving stress, strengthening concentration, promoting adaptability to change and improving the quality of human relationships.

  • Prevent Musculo-Skeletal Disorders by optimizing the work environment, its space and its ergonomics. 



LES CHOSES EN ORDRE, Organisation du quotidien

We simplify your family organization and optimize your time to best reconcile your personal and professional lives.

The Home Manager accompanies individuals in order to reduce their domestic mental load, by working on the organization of daily life (management of administration, shopping, meals, laundry, etc.) by applying logistical methods adapted to the household, by sharing household chores or by setting up daily routines.

The Office Manager accompanies professionals in order to optimize their working methods, by working on the management of tasks, time, schedules, communication channels, etc. -- in office as well as in home office -- but also by implementing solutions to overcome the constraints linked to hybrid work.

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